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What People Are Saying
I feel really good about the work I've done with Sheldon so far. I've made a lot of progress in feeling more confidant in myself and how I look, and I just feel happier in general. My anxiety and depression is also much less. When I started therapy, I didn't think I could feel so much better. 

-Female, age 19
Sheldon is a super talented therapist. I have severe trauma and PTSD, and when I would meet with other therapists for the first time they would all tell me they can't help me because what I went through was too much for them. Sheldon was the first one who told me he could help me, and he actually assured me he can handle anything I tell him. I've told him a lot, and he's always fine listening to me. 

-Female, age 28, ©2020+ All Rights Reserved

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